• Name: Amil Haddad
  • Date of Birth: n/a
  • Status: Government Agent
  • Unit: Variety
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Superior strength, seismic bursts
  • AlignmentCentral Government
  • Voice Actor: Jonathan Cooke
  • Likes: Strawberries

Amil is of mixed ethnicity, taking the Arabic surname of his father while much of his physical appearance from his British mother. Because of his natural intelligence and skill, and his DNA being structurally similar to that of an Immune, Amil was put into the army's special forces team alongside River and Talis.  Although he carries out commands dutifully, he is known to show some remorse when forced to resort to immoral tactics, and he is shown to be protective of Talis.


Amil had once been a senior researcher in the lab, Asensus.  When the government took in interest in Asensus's research, unknown to its workers, they sought out Amil to do their dirty work.  There are mixed reasons as to what his motives were (it may have involved government threats), but he fed information to the Central Government that prompted them to have RISE Technologies buy out their research after the shutdown. 

The government offered him a position in Dr. Volsef's special government forces team, in which he could not refuse.  

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