Asensus is a small independent lab that researches and develops anesthetic rugs.  Its major marked drug was Amdaphine, Devil's Coal's precursor.

History of Asensus

Originally, the lab focused on creating anesthetic drugs.  Despite unusual data being recorded in the lab, their creation, Amdaphine, was immediately put into market and used in surgery.  It was discovered that the drug caused many patients to bleed out on the table. 

The lab was eventually sued and shut down by the government.  Many of the scientists that worked there disappeared.  RISE Technologies bought out the lab and got its hands on all of its research.  


Amdaphine is a sugery anesthetic that was researched at Asensus. Normally it is dispersed into the body in liquid form through IV. The solidified version of Amdaphine, nicknamed Devil’s Coal for its black color, was discovered to react with peoples’ genetic codes to produce supernatural side effects that varied from person to person in intensity and reactivity along with an invincible “high” feeling. Soon after the drug became highly sought after in the Black Market. It is very addictive if taken enough and comes with additional short and long term adverse health effects. When addiction has reached a certain threshold, the addict becomes delusional and enters the Grave stage.


Dr. Klinksi was the principle investigator at the time of its shutdown.  Amil had once been a senior researcher there, while Neil had been a high school research assistant.

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