• Devil’s Coal: An anesthetic drug developed by RISE Technologies that gives the user unique temporary supernatural abilities at the cost of some adverse side effects.
    • When intoxicated with Devil's Coal, the term is being called “wired.” The adverse aftereffects are called being “electrified.”
    • Charge: given as a percentage, it is the amount of Devil's Coal within one's system. ? It is drained through time, use of supernatural abilities, and emotional shock.
    • Devil’s Onyx: Pure Devil’s Coal that produces no side effects when consumed – the goal of scientists is to create this.
  • Free Wired: A freelance organization that is run by renegades and those who oppose the government’s strict control. It was not the first resistant group, but now the current leading one. It was started by Derik and Lexi Moneaux.
  • Graves: Drug addicts, afraid of light
  • Immunity: Term used to call those with the special gene; when you have the gene, your blood smells like Devil’s Coal, thus being targeted by Graves.
  • Vixen: A cyberpunk-style electronic night club run by the famous “Vixen,” a beautiful, scantily dressed woman. The female workers there are known to dress up in animal-themed costumes.
    • Black Devil Martini: Signature martini inspired by Devil’s Coal
  • The Code: Refers to a program code that is believed to hold the secret to being “free wired,” or free from all constraints and bondage of law, technology, and being. It is an ecstatic state of freedom.
  • Scrybe: Similar to a USB, it is a hacking device/unit invented by Lai Racine
  • Sequencing: Desequencing is the act of being scrambled into molecules/particles. ? Sequencing is the act of being reorganized into a whole. A sequencing wave refers to a site/location that allows sequencing to happen.

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