The Central Government is the current governing body in the continent. Since the toppling of the previous Democratic system, there has been no sole leader or president leading the country. Instead, the Central Government consists of a Chamber mediated by a Chancellor.

Though the Central Government promises its people rights and peace, its laws have been becoming increasingly strict over the past few decades. Many people fear that soon it will become a totalitarian regime, but most people are too scared to act. Those that speak out either end up dead or simply disappear.

There are a select few that still resist the government's actions. In many areas of the country, resistance groups have been forming, much like Free Wired.

RISE Technologies

The Central Government bought out RISE Technologies, the leading pharmaceutical company, giving the government almost complete control of the drug and medicine industry.

Government Agents

The government has a special group of government agents that are completely loyal to the Central Government and carry out special missions for them. These agents wear military coat-like uniforms and are greatly feared by the people.

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