• Name: Chase Altamont
  • Date of Birth: October 29th
  • Status: Resistance Fighter
  • Unit: Twin daggers
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Pyrokinesis, accelerated speed and reflexes
  • Alignment: Free Wired
  • Likes: Fire, right after it rains
  • Dislikes: His father

Chase was an immune and a skilled fighter. He fought alongside his sister, Kina, and his Free Wired teammates. Derik pushed him to the point of overdose (or that's what they say), and the night he died he was taking almost ten times the normal amount of Devil's Coal.  He was the oldest of his siblings, Kina and River

It's mentioned that he and Lexi had a close relationship.


Chase dropped out of high school and ran away from home.  He worked in construction alongside Derik at the time.

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