ICON Derik
  • Name: Derik Moneaux
  • Date of Birth: November 22nd
  • Status: Resistance Fighter
  • Unit: Revolver
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Time alteration, time acceleration, time lethargy
  • Alignment: Free Wired
  • Likes: Classical music
  • Dislikes: The Central Government, the Council

Derik and Lexi Moneaux are brother and sister. They are the children of two resistance fighters who were killed by the Central Government. To continue their legacy, the two siblings created a resistance group called Free Wired. Derik is a firm believer in bringing justice to the country by toppling the current government. He is determined and will use any means to achieve this goal. Even when the effects of Devil's Coal takes a toll on his physical body, he refuses to give up.


Derik fled the city of Terra with his sister, Lexi, to escape the government attack.  His parents were prominent figures in an anti-government resistance group that was based in Terra.  Since then, he has always cultivated a bitter resentment and hate towards the Central Government.

Now orphaned, Derik struggled to support both himself and his sister.  He took odd jobs as a child, and when he was legally able to obtain a work permit, he did so, often skipping school in the process.  As soon as Derik graduated from high school, he became a full time worker in construction, hoping to save enough money to send his sister Lexi to college.

Later, Derik formed the anti-government resistance group, Free Wired, with Kris, Chase, and Tyler.  Kina, Lexi, and Lai joined afterwards.


Lexi Moneaux: He and Lexi are very close siblings, caring deeply about the welfare of the other.

Kris Hayes : He and Kris both lived in the same run-down neighborhood.  When Kris left the army when he saw changes in the government he did not like, he agreed to join Free Wired.

Chase Altamont :  He and Chase were very good friends in high school, although Chase dropped out.

Tyler Dunne:


  • "He's the code, Lexi." - referring to Neil, Episode 2


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