KORE is a global network of independent hackers.  They own an undetectable server in cyberspace that they use to communicate, share information, implement ranking systems and amuse themselves.  Most of the hackers use an alias rather than their real names. The community uses an eight-bit ranking system for hacker prowess, eight being the most proficient.  KORE was created by a group of hackers under the name "Time Lords" (in a reference to the
popular TV series Dr. Who) that are the only eight-bit ranked hackers in the community.

In reality, though the community holds a lot of power in cyberspace and has potential to implement drastic changes to it (see hacktivism), they are very careful, and many of them only hack for amusement (see phreaking).

Known MembersEdit

Name Alias Rank
-- Yesterday (Time Lord) 8
-- Chronicle (Time Lord) 8
-- Paradox (Time Lord) 8
-- Wurmie (Time Lord) 8
Lai Racine NightFox 7
-- Bearded Dragon 7
-- d00m 7
-- The King 7
-- Darth Mal 7
-- 130$$ 7
-- Cy-Freak 6
-- Noble Kore 6
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