• Name: Lai Racine
  • Date of Birth: February 3rd
    Snapshot Lai
  • Status: Resistance Fighter, KORE
  • Unit: n/a
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Induced radioactivity
  • Alignment: Free Wired
  • Likes: Monsters (energy drink)
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by Seojinn

Lai Racine is a professional hacker and data analyst. She is Free Wired's hacker, programmer, and technician - an irreplaceable team member. She refuses to take any Devil’s Coal, but then again, her role in Free Wired does not require her to do so. She is generally soft spoken unless the topic is about her technology or of interest to her, calm and collected, but great at what she does. Depsite being a programming genius, she has her moments of peculiarity.

Her high school days consisted of being a loner and not having any friends. She preferred to keep to herself. By then, however, she was already performing numerous hacking projects. After she graduated, she didn’t go to college and became a full-time hacker under the alias “NightFox,” whom many believed to be a guy. Lai does not talk about her family much.  Her father is a bank consultant and her mother is a statistician.  She has an older sister who is married and has a family, but they are not very close. 

Lai consumes large amounts of Monster energy drinks to fuel her late night programming.  Whilst doing so, she listens to bass heavy music, mostly dubstep and electronic.  Despite being a "stereotypical computer geek," Lai does not play a lot of video games, although she does step in on occasion in Timmy and Kris's games to crush them, much to her amusement.  In her spare time, Lai spends much of her time in an uncharted hacker forum, communicating and competing with other hackers around the globe, and customizing Free Wired technology. She is responsible for the creation of both Timmy's eyepiece and Lexi's shades.  Both eyewear feature images that project onto the lens that displays information for the user.  Unsatisfied with the current marketing technology, Lai customized Scrybes to fit her taste, adding many modifications including a hacking mod.  

It had been Lai who had first come across Free Wired, randomly hacking into their database.  It was almost laughably easy.  She became intrigued and had a desire to help them.  


KORE is a network of freelance hackers in cyberspace known for phreaking.  She is currently ranked as a "7-bit" hacker out of a total of 8 bits, which are reserved for the administrators of the network, dubbed Time Lords.  Her alias is "NightFox."


  • "It's called sequencing.  It's nothing like warping, which isn't even a thing.  This isn't a science fiction..."
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