by Seo-jin!

  • Name: Lexi Moneaux
  • Date of Birth: July 1st
  • Status: Resistance Fighter
  • Unit: Pistols
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Massively accelerated speed and reflexes, acrobatic abilities
  • Alignment: Free Wired
  • Voice Actress: CeraRain
  • Likes: Spicy food, diamonds, classical Literature, physics
  • Dislikes: Incompetence

Lexi, by seojinn on dA


Lexi is the sister of Derik Moneaux, and the daughter of two resistance fighters that lost their lives opposing the Central Government. She is hot-headed and stubborn but a caring sister. Her red hair represents her fiery personality.  She supports her brother Derik in all of his decisions (though she initially reacts negatively towards adding Neil to the team) and works hard to help him achieve his ideals.  Her weapon of choice is the pistol, and she is famously known for her "rapid fire shot" when she is on Devil's Coal.  

The shades that Lexi wears were specially designed by the team's techie, Lai.  Digital information is projected on the lens of the shades, similar to the eyepiece that Timmy wears, that includes charge percentage, proximity to sequencing waves, etc.  Wearing them has become such a habit that Lexi rarely ever takes them off.

Before forming Free Wired with her brother, Lexi was a college student, like Neil, although she studied physics and not chemistry.  It is not mentioned where she went to school specifically, but it is implied that she dropped out of college to take part in the resistance.  Neil initially mistakes her reason of leaving college for monetary reasons, but her true reasons become clear when she says that some causes are worth fighting for. She displays her education when she explains the physics of throwing knives to Neil and at the end of their conversation, quotes Hamlet.  


Neil Harada: Lexi gives Neil a hard time when he joins Free Wired.  She is frustrated at his lack of fighting ability and tactical common sense.

Derik Moneaux: Lexi cares deeply for her brother, Derik. It is often the only time that Lexi's soft side is seen.

Chase Altamont: She and Chase were very close, as they worked alongside each other for a very long time. At Chase's death, Lexi was devastated and had a hard time recovering.


  • Lexi shares the same date of birth as the creator of the CODE series, xPwahaha.
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