• Founded: 2175
  • Founder: Hal Ginsberg
  • Predecessor: Chrisson Ginsberg
  • Rise
    : Run by a council, owned by the Central Government

RISE Technologies is a pharmaceutical company that both researches and produces medicinal drugs. It is and has been the leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, dominating drug sales in the market.

The company began in 2175 by the well-known businessman and entrepreneur, Hal Ginsberg. Over the next twenty-five years, the company lived the name it was given; RISE became one of the most prominent producers in the pharmaceutical market. Soon after, in 2198, the company's founder passed away of old age with the satisfaction of the success of his life's work. The company was then taken over by his overly ambitious son, Chrisson Ginsberg. Then, in the first decade of the 23rd century, RISE began to buy out smaller pharmaceutical companies in an attempt to completely dominate the industry (all part of Chrisson's plan), including the small, undermined lab that created an anethsetic drug that became the first model of Devil's Coal. After discovering the drug's strange side effets, RISE spent millions of dollars in research to refine the formula and finally created the drug that we now know as Devil's Coal. Strangely enough, RISE was bought by the Central Government soon after. Chrisson was immediately replaced with a council chosen by the government. Today, RISE Technologies remains the only legal producer of the drug.

Project Devil's Obsidian

Dr. Volsef was appointed by the Central Government as head scientist and principle investigator of Devil's Coal research.  Project Devil's Obsidian's aim is to create a modified version of the Devil's Coal drug so that its user experiences it like an Immune - full potential at no adverse health costs.

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