SBUI, or Subject Behavior Under the Influence, refers to the unique supernatural abilities one exhibits after taking Devil's Coal. Each individual exhibits different abilities, as it reacts based on ones DNA sequence. This is a list of different abilities, but not limited to, that are possible.

Ability Interaction

Power Augmentation

The abiltity to increase the effectiveness of another's abilities.

Known users: Kina Altamont

Power Sensing

The ability to sense the abiltiies and power levels of other people.

Known users: Kina Altamont

Elemental or Physical Manipulation


The ability to control fire. Not all pyro users can produce their own fire.

Known users: Chase Altamont


The ability to control the movement of objects with one's mind.

Known users: Neil Harada

Energy Manipulation

Energy Bolts

The ability to generate a throw energy bolts from one's palm.

Known users: Kris Davis


The ability to induce radioactivity in the body so that one's body becomes a highly radioactive presence. It is very dangerous.

Known users: Lai Racine

Physical Powers

Natural Acrobat

Augmented acrobatic abilities.

Known users: Lexi Moneaux

Increased Agility

Increased speed and reflexes.

Heightened Vision

Ability to see greater distances in clarity and detail.

Known users: Timmy McLaren

Super Strength

Increased physical strength.

Travel and Time

Short Distance Teleportation

The ability to teleport short distances.

Known users: Vixen

Time Alteration

The ability to alter the dimensions of time for a short period. It is impossible to completely halt time, but it includes slowing down time and speeding up time for short bursts. This ability is known to have a high cost of charge.

Known users: Derik Moneaux

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