A scrybe is a small memory storage unit similar to a USB Flash Drive.  Depending on the brand and generation, scrybes can hold up to several hundred thousand gigabytes of memory.  Scrybes can also be modified to provide other functionalities rather than just storage, much like Lai's modified scrybes.
Lai s Hacking Scrybe (Plugged In)

Lai's Scrybe plugged in, sprited by xMaineStation

Scrybe (Front View)

Scrybe, sprited by xMaineStation

Scrybe (Plugged In)

Scrybe plugged in, sprited by xMaineStation

Lai's Hacking Scrybes

Lai s Hacking Scrybe (Front View)

Lai's Scrybe, sprited by xMaineStation

Lai has special scrybes that she made modifications to for multiple functionalities, the most notable of which is as a hacking device.  

Unlike the regular scrybe, Lai's Scrybe is green with a skull keychain attached to it.  Also, when the scrybe is plugged in, tiny digital wires are released.

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