ICON Talis
  • Name: Talis Monnier
  • Date of Birth: September 6th
  • Unit: Pistol
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Accelerated speed and reflexes, damage heal
  • Alignment: Central Government
  • Voice Actress: pinkhairpin
  • Likes: Birds, chocolate cake, colorful macaroons, the color red, red ribbon, Amil, red lilies
  • Dislikes: River, needles
Alert 2 bloodshot

Talis is one of the government agents in the Central Government's special forces team, albeit young.  She also happens to have a DNA sequence most similar to that of an Immune that the government has control over, so she is the subject of the majority of Dr. Volsef's Devil's Obsidian experiments.  Overuse of the drug and of the doctor's experiments has caused her to become mentally unstable.  She suffers from bipolar disorder and bouts of hysteria.  The only person that seems to be able to calm her down is Amil, another government agent.


  • Talis is based off of the similarly mentally unstable Anemone from the anime Eureka 7.
  • Yes, her last name is French.