• Name: Vicki "The Vixen"
  • Date of Birth: January 13th
  • Status: The Vixen Nightclub owner, Devil's Coal dealer
  • Unit: Handguns
  • SBUI (Subject Behavior Under the Influence): Short distance teleportation
  • Alignment: n/a
ICON Vicki

by Seo-jin (dA)

The Vixen is a highly attractive woman that owns the Vixen Nightclub, an after-hours electronic rave. Though her female workers are eccentrically dressed, the Vixen dresses much more simple, featuring a pair of bunny ears and a white boa. An audience with the Vixen is highly sought after, as she doesn't allow just anyone to appear before her.

Vicki is the female sex icon of the CODE series. Her voice is sensual, silky, and she often uses pet names when talking to others. She is a notorious Black Market dealer, very famous for getting her hands on anything that brings in money. Her nightclub functions as a cover for her side business in dealing many illegal items, such as Devil's Coal.

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